• Amfikaia Farm Guesthouse
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    In reopening the web cameras of the farm

    For a few days he had started working again the camera facing northwest towards the… read more

    Good month !!! pictures of us on facebook

    We wish you a good month and here are some summer photos “upload” on our… read more

    Tricking hypertension farm Amfikaia !!

    Successfully held Saturday, May 11 event “tricking Hypertension”, which is curated by an expert pathologist… read more

    End of ski season for the ski resort of Parnassos-water ski in Aliartos !!

    04/28/2013 Today was the last day of operation of the ski center of Parnassos, which… read more

    Photos of us on facebook!

    Here are some of the pictures at intervals “upload” in the timeline to our facebook.… read more

    Parnassos Ski center “buried” in the snow !!

    High altitudes snow recorded this year in the ski center of Parnassos, the old name… read more

    Expressions Greek Heart Association

    With great success in the House “Amfikaia” event informing the Greek Society of Cardiology Heart… read more

    Network event Germanos at our farm

    On Sunday, October 7 event held German company in our farm. Here are some pictures… read more

    Amfikaia farm has obtained a five- tones’ water-cart

    Amfikaia farm, after the kind donation of Piraeus Bank, has obtained a five-tones’ water-cart, which… read more

    New Website

    Our new website is on-line…… read more

    Wi fi in Amfikaia Guesthouse

    Since September 2009 there is wi-fi access in all of the farm’s areas.… read more

    Telemedicine unit at Amfikaia farm

    April 10th 2009 – we inaugurated the farm’s first telemedicine unit Let’s say, heaven forbid,… read more