• Amfikaia Farm Guesthouse
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    Your Stay

    Sixteen traditional houses, most of them stone-built, are an ideal refuge we have prepared for you. They are independent without being too remote, offering peace and quiet as well as the feeling of staying in a friendly neighbourhood. Their beauty complements the landscape.

    The bright interiors, cool in summer and pervaded by the cosy warmth of the fireplace and central heating in the winter, have been designed with attention to detail. Discreetly decorated with taste and finesse, and equipped according to the latest standards that provide you with all mod cons, they offer you everything you need. Stonewalls assure your seclusion, while the large windows bring you a step closer to your surroundings.

    The farm gardens, sheltered kiosks and communal spaces around them allow you to move about freely, participate in the seasonal agricultural activities and meet your neighbours if you so desire.

    We welcome you to Amfikaia, confident you will feel «right at….farm» here! Select your house here!

    * Consciously the houses there are no TVs.