• Amfikaia Farm Guesthouse
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    The Farm

    Two hundred hectares of land define this terrestrial paradise. A paradise so big it is worth exploring yet is also small enough for you to sense nature’s pulse in every corner. The home of bountiful almond and pear trees, proud wild-trees and abundant bushes, embellished by beautifully tended gardens. Pergolas provide the shade, while intoxifying scents of herbs infuse the air.

    And Mount Parnassos in the distance, sometimes dresses in white, sometimes in green, marks the passage of time and changing of the seasons.Here, we respect the land. Its cultivation is strongly influenced by tradition, while by producing only what the land offers we preserve flavours that have nearly been forgotten.

    Here, we protect life. We rear proud Thessalian horses and Skyrian foals on the verge of disappearance and provide for pets who enjoy our care without restraints.

    Here, we offer a hearty welcoming to all those who wish to escape the city and remember the mystical secrets of nature. Amfikaia, with its prototype agro tourism activities, is no ordinary hotel, but a warm embrace full of experiences. A tiny paradise on the slopes of Mount Parnassos.