• Amfikaia Farm Guesthouse
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    Greek horses

    The famous Thessalian horses have galloped regally through time. Beautiful and imposing they stimulated man’s imagination and gave birth to the Centaur myth. They have patiently bonded with farmers and loyally served them. As quick as lightning, they have known battles, survived wars and left their mark on history in the form of legendary horse Bucephalus. Unvanquished they survived for centuries, only to be finally beaten and replaced by machines, surrendering to the brutality of those who led them to slaughter and thus today, they face the danger of extinction.

    In our days the Amfikaia farm is a veritable ark for Greek horse breeds. Since its foundation it has participated in various preservation efforts. It is with care and love that we have given refuge to some Thessalian mares, one of the breed’s few thoroughbreds, as well as one of the last remaining stallions. Together with the beautiful small-framed Skyrian, the Thessalian horses make up the farm’s “cavalry” that is “fighting” for its survival.

    * There is no possibility of riding.