• Amfikaia Farm Guesthouse
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    Telemedicine unit at Amfikaia farm

    April 10th 2009 – we inaugurated the farm’s first telemedicine unit

    Let’s say, heaven forbid, you have a health problem that requires regular monitoring of your vital signs and check-ups by your personal physician who has been taking care of you for a long time, and who you trust implicitly. This situation may prevent you from leaving his side, not to mention rendering a visit to another country or city virtually impossible .

    We have all experienced this familiar scenario through relatives or friends who are unable to take holidays anymore, not because their health doesn’t allow it but because they are afraid of staying away from their doctor!

    Perhaps in the past this was a wise precaution as it prepared patients for any eventuality, but perhaps it is time to re-think these attitudes, as we have the means and solutions to satisfy both needs: to go away on holiday while not feeling dangerously far from our personal physician. Technological progress in the field of telemedicine is making leaps and bounds, fast becoming our fairy godmother and enabling people who were previously unable to take a break feel safe and secure while on holiday.