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    COCO-MAT was founded in 1989 in Athens and specialized in the manufacture of sleep products, furniture and bed linen made out of 100% natural materials. The raw materials we use, like for example natural rubber, coco fibre, wool, cotton, horse hair, etc. are 100% natural and come from sustainable resources.

    Sleep products, like for example mattresses and bed-mattresses, which we produce, are made exclusively out of those materials, while innovative new product development is also one of our priorities. It is worth mentioning, that COCO-MAT was the first company to introduce the use of a top-mattress into the market, which improves the quality of sleep significantly as it increases the elasticity of the mattress and offers additional and more flexible support to the body.

    Extensive quality control of the raw materials as well as of the end product ensures that COCO-MAT’s customers are able to enjoy continuously better products. COCO-MAT’s production is ISA 9001 and 14001 certified, a distinction it received as the first European mattress manufacturer.

    The vision of COCO-MAT’s founders is to become the market leader in the manufacture of natural sleep products and the promotion of sustainable development, which embraces all aspects of human activity.

    For more information, please visit our website www.coco-mat.com