• Amfikaia Farm Guesthouse
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    Expressions Greek Heart Association

    With great success in the House “Amfikaia” event informing the Greek Society of Cardiology Heart Failure-focused. The event was attended by 10 of the most famous health journalists and members of the Society of Cardiology.

    In the first part of the event three qualified cardiologists analyzed the characteristics of the disease, how to prevent and deal with it.

    In the second, the distinguished chef Lefteris Lazarou prepared ahead participants some recipes, which replaced the salt with various herbs gathered from the garden of the farm.

    Followed by discussion and individual interviews.

    Breaks in the event the participants had the opportunity to try different types of electric bicycle company HELMA Electric, which indeed could be used in future in patients with reduced physical reserves.

    Finally, the Department of Physiotherapy IASO General, as an official supporter of farm health actions, donations pelmatografiko control to those who wished, in the field of Telemedicine Unit.

    The choice of the farm because it has become so rich garden of aromatic plants 10 acres, and because of its knowledge of events in specific requirements (on, noting that the area had been filmed episode of the show Top Chef).

    The farm “Amfikaia” having put 4 years of activities promoting health as the high priority we will continue to host similar events in the future and actions.