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    The ski center in the new era !!! (photos) The prospect of the weather!

    For the first time with the help of recent snowfall came on sliding ramp Saharan signaling a new era for the ski resort of Parnassos !!

    It is the first new lift after 20 years, the best course of time come …!

    Here are some current pictures of the website ski center

    The former was said in February that makes the first three days with the same weather would rate “vgeiolos month, we’ll see if verified!

    Bad weather just around the corner from the particular Saturday afternoon after a dense snowfall initially at high altitudes but will gradually descend ever lower while showers will occur in the lowlands of Parnassus ideal winter weather! The fireplaces are on the farm and wait for you to enjoy !!

    A short distance from the property (approximately 20 minutes) Sunday morning is perfect for plenty of snowballs !!!

    Good weekend to all !!