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    Cooperation with ski school Pappos-Balntoumis!

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with the ski school Pappos- Balntoumis.
    Residents of the farm will have the opportunity to learn from the best skiing and most historic ski school in Greece with “packages” learning at special prices!

    The Ski school Pappos – Balntoumis is the first Ski School in Greece and founded the ski season 1977-1978.

    He was a pioneer in the dissemination and development of the sport.

    He received the first authorization ski school operating in Greece.

    Epandrothike and trained the first teachers from across the country, which in turn founded the later schools and other ski resorts.

    From then until today continuously to the ski center Parnassus having introduce thousands of skiers to the secrets of skiing and snowboard.

    It is the largest ski and snowboard school in Greece and has professional teachers for all levels and ages.

    From the ranks of trainees passed as thousands of students and has supported technically and has made dozens of athletes and champions Greece.

    Re: School Skiing Pappos – Balntoumis is teaching the technique of skiing at every level, from totally novice or child, to specialized training at athletes or extreme courses and escorted off the track.

    Purpose and aim of the school is with the fun, a good and safe learning large and small, and the creation of ski education and culture, which means respect for the mountain and the other skiers.