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    Parnassos Ski center “buried” in the snow !!

    High altitudes snow recorded this year in the ski center of Parnassos, the old name was always that the mountain “buried” literally with southern winds which clearly demonstrated this year!

    Indication, the meteorological station of National Observatory of Athens at the top of the ski resort has recorded 165 mm of water for the month of January, consider that 1 mm of water accounts from 1 to 5 cm of snow.

    We would like to thank Constantine socks for the concession of the photos here are, which is after the snow storm that hit the mountain last week where the workforce center has its own “battle” in trying to put the soon as possible to ski in operation

    Current weather conditions at the Parnassos ski center you can see from automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens

    Click here for the station at the top of Hercules at 2240 meters altitude

    Click here for the base station of Hermes in 1950 meters altitude

    Click here for the station in the top six at 2080 meters altitude