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    End Amfikaia guitar festival 2016!

    Completed on Saturday April 9, 2016, the 2nd Guitar Festival Amfikaia. In concert appeared in… read more

    3rd concert Amfikaia guitar festival!

    Successfully conducted the third concert of classical guitar festival Amfikaia 2016! We would like to… read more

    Photos from our page on facebook!

    We present some of the photos you upload each week (from March month) on our… read more

    2nd concert Amfikaia guitar festival!

    Successfully completed the second concert of guitar festival Amfikaia 2016. We thank the Greek club… read more

    First concert Amfikaia guitar festival!

    Continuing the artistic actions and this year successfully completed the first concert of guitar festival… read more

    Photos from our page on Facebook !!!

    We present some pictures “staged” on our facebook page the last few weeks!  … read more

    Merry Christmas !! (possibility of snow removal if required)

    We wish you a Merry Christmas!! To remind you that in case you need possibility… read more

    Cooperation with ski school Pappos-Balntoumis!

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with the ski school Pappos- Balntoumis. Residents of… read more

    Guitar spring 2016 !!!

    Continuing the artistic actions Amfikaia farm in spring 2016 will offer four unique concerts at… read more

    Photos from our page on facebook (October-November 2015) good winter !!

    We show you some of the pictures “upload” each week in our page on facebook… read more

    Valuation pelmatogragikou control!

    The farm Amfikaia continuing health actions, offers its residents the weekend, free pelmatografiko control in… read more

    Free pelmatografikos audit & evaluation Joined spine of the IASO genera

    Continuing health actions, weekend 20 to 22/11/2015 to the residents of the farm will be… read more